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Multihexa college is 100% IT - combining the advantages of large educational institutions with the personalized attention and close-knit community of a private college. With the combination of innovative theoretical and practical programs as well as real-world learning, everything is in place to provide you with the skills and specialist knowledge required for a career full of potential in IT. With two cutting-edge computer training programs, that have been offered for over 25 years, during which we have graduated over 5,000 students. Recently, three specialization programs for people already in the industry have been added. Students have the choice of following their program online or at one of our two campuses, Saguenay and Montreal.
I am particularly proud of our team of passionate and experienced teachers. They will be able to guide you and support you in the success of your academic career.
I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in your journey.

Collège informatique privé reconnu

Since 1986, Multihexa has trained over 5,000 students across Quebec

Over the years, our college has built a solid reputation with private, governmental and para-governmental companies. Many of our graduates can be found working in key IT positions, as team leaders, project managers, IT support managers, developers at all levels. They accompany, transform, create, improve and reinvent. In short, they contribute to improving the quality of life of people in organizations who are lucky enough to rely on them and we are very proud of that. We now have close to 6000 students that have passed through our doors and completed their diploma to become IT professionals.

Our force is the human dimension of our training, the proximity to our students, our approach adapted to the needs of people in a learning situation. This human approach is felt just as much online as in class, as our courses are given live, which allows everyone to interact in real time with the teachers. Given that our courses are of short duration, the issue of support is the key to the success of the institution and its graduates. Our high graduation and placement rates are proof of that.

We owe this success to our team of teachers who share our values and our commitment. Their dedication, their competence and their ability to communicate are a guarantee of success for our students.

Our value proposition:

To provide domestic and international students with high-quality and up-to-date computer skills training that will equip them for successful careers in the global IT industry. We strive to become known around the world as one of the leading higher education institutions in Canada that focuses on computer training with attention to employability.

Our mission

Develop the full potential and autonomy of our students through our fundamental skills, the excellence of our teachers and the relevance of our programs, allowing them to become specialists in information and communication technologies.

Multihexa is committed to promoting their achievement while respecting the needs and objectives of organizations.

Our values

Your academic success and your personal development during your studies are at the heart of our priorities. We offer a turnkey service and personalized support whether you take the program online or face-to-face.

Why Choose Us


Form a community, share knowledge and develop a sense of belonging.

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Challenging yesterday’s solutions, rising to meet the new technologies of the future.


Communicate to promote learning and the need for excellence.

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Instill the desire and the taste to know more. This is the key to a successful career in an ever-changing field.

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Transmit the energy and know-how of our dedicated teachers, specialized in their field.

Our team

The Multihexa team is committed to taking care of international students from their arrival at the airport, during their studies, until graduation and employment. We facilitate the arrival of students in Canada and fully integrate them into our beautiful region of Saguenay. We offer students our unique services, which they can access at any time, from school, even outside. Indeed, students can ask questions to the team, wherever they are.

Samuel Garneau

Enseignant programmation / Teacher of programming
Where: Chicoutimi      Experience: 5 years
Subject: C#, Kotlin, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ASP .Net Core, LINQ, Entity Framework, Identity,Visual Studio, Android Studio, SQL Server      
I began my professional journey as a special education teacher in Quebec where I worked mainly as a community worker with various clienteles. A few years later and settled in Saguenay, community intervention environments not being a great source of remuneration, I decided to reorient myself as a programmer analyst at Multihexa. There followed a few years of working on old technologies for banks and various businesses before the desire to work with others began to emerge. Lucky, however, I had the opportunity to combine my two careers by joining the college team as a teacher.

Eric Tardif

Teacher and programmer-analyst at Maestria Solutions inc.
Where: Les Escoumins (main residence) and Stoneham (secondary residence)      Experience: 2 years
Technologies: Mainly .Net. I worked on projects with different technologies: C#, Xamarin, Visual Basic, WinDev, ASP.NET, Angular, Javascript, jQuery, Linq, SQL, HFSQL
An actuary by training, Eric is passionate about finance and mathematics. He also holds a certificate in financial planning. While working in the actuarial field, Eric developed, among other things, programs to price different insurance products, to calculate actuarial reserves and to evaluate individual pension plans. He then moved to the Côte-Nord with his wife and their 3 children, where he was branch manager at National Bank and general manager at Desjardins.
In 2019, Eric decided to update himself in computer science and did his course at Multihexa college. Since that time, he divides his time between teaching at Multihexa college and programming for Maestria Solutions inc.
Eric practices several sports and loves outdoor activities such as cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowshoeing. He coached his children for several years during their hockey journey and has been coaching soccer since living in Les Escoumins. Eric is fortunate to live in front of the St. Lawrence River where he can contemplate whales, seals and the boats that sail there. He lives in paradise!!!

Daniel Girard

Teacher in network management and member of the continuous improvement committee.
Where: Chicoutimi      Experience: 20+ years      Technologies: Active Directory, Computer Hardware, Project Management, Multidisciplinary Team Management, Aging Systems.
I have worked in several large companies serving a multitude of diverse customers, both at the hardware level and in networking. I have also been in project teams on various large mandates of several million dollars. What excites me about IT is that it is a constantly evolving discipline that requires keeping up to date and always surpassing oneself. As far as I am concerned, I am a very human person, I align my professional practice with this character trait. Teaching, for me, is the ultimate personal accomplishment that gives me an indescribable feeling every day for which I will always be grateful to Multihexa.

Dany Pedneault

Directeur Technique et Enseignant (Réseau)
Where: Chicoutimi      Experience: 22+ ans / years      Subject: Hardware infrastructure, VMWare vSphere, storage systems, broadcast and communications systems, cybersecurity and business continuity.
Dany has over 22 years of experience as a project manager and senior analyst. Acquired during the development and implementation of various projects worldwide, his vast experience has been an important asset for many companies. Holder of an AEC as a programmer-analyst, as well as military training in communication, Dany began his career as a multimedia developer. His passion for information technologies led him to quickly acquire a vast knowledge in a multitude of related computer disciplines, both from a hardware and software point of view.
Accomplished in multi-talented management of cross-functional teams, he thrives on taking on new challenges and finding creative ways to make use of his wide range of expertise. During his various mandates, Dany had the opportunity to lead numerous teams of analysts, architects, programmers, technicians, designers and operators on projects ranging from IPTV broadcast systems to interactive theater equipment as well as various video games and cross-platform websites.
His involvement in such a wide range of projects therefore gives him solid expertise, allowing him to act as a leader and lead his team to the realization of complex and large-scale projects. Dany is also recognized for his high level of enthusiasm, his down-to-earth attitude, his ability to maintain a motivating work environment and his spirit of mentoring and training his team members. He takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge and actively participates in raising the technical knowledge of those around him.


Study in Collége Multihexa and have the chance to pursue potential careers by enrolling in our Analyst Programmer and Network Manager programs!

1. Web/Mobile Developer
2. Database Manager
3. ICT Manager
4. ICT Business and Systems Analyst
5. Telecommunications Engineering Professional

... and more!

Our Graduates

With more than 5,000 graduates working in the province of Quebec alone, our contribution to the world of IT is very important.

Our students have the chance to study in an environment that prepares them for their new career. Our network manager and web and mobile application programmer (better known as analyst programmer) programs are designed so that our graduates can pursue various specializations if they wish.


An Excellent Environment for IT Education

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Saguenay Campus

College Multihexa is housed in a mixed-used building shared with Saguenay’s 10 IT companies including CGI, a multinational IT and business consulting firm. The campus is a tech-hub in itself and is one of the most important ones in Quebec. We offer students a unique opportunity to be with the bigwigs of the IT industry for their internship and even eventual employment.

See the whole of the Saguenay Campus in this virtual tour!



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Montreal Campus

As part of its expansion, the institution has opened its Montreal campus to cater to more students from within Quebe, across Canada and from all over the globe who are keen to pursue exciting careers in technology.

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