The two programs offered by Multihexa are eligible for PRATIC

In the context of the scarcity of labor in the IT sector, the Government of Quebec created PRATIC, the Program for requalification and support in information and communication technologies. PRATIC participants could see their entire college program paid for, and benefit from financial assistance of $650 per week, for the entire duration of their training. […]

Network Manager Program: What To Expect?

Multihexa welcomes students who are interested in enrolling in its Network Manager Program, providing them with a multitude of opportunities. Read more about the program. A network manager is a highly sought-after IT expert. Working in information systems, particularly in networking or programming positions, can provide a wide range of innovative and rewarding options. As a network manager, you’ll need to have a deep foundation in computer technology and a passion for creating new computer systems to succeed. Learn about what it’s like to work as a network manager in this article, as well as how to get started on this as a career.

Web and Mobile Programmer Program: What to Expect?

The analyst programmer program at Multihexa provides students with the right academic opportunities. Learn more.
As technology takes a stronger hold in our world today, keeping up with the trends is necessary. And we all know that staying on top of the game starts with a top-notch education and training.
An Analyst Programmer program deals with meeting the demands of a tech-driven world. At its core, it combines the principles of analysis and programming across all fields.
Want to know if it’s the right program for you? See what lies ahead in pursuing an Analyst Programmer degree.

It is possible to follow our two college courses online!

Multihexa College, recognized for its ability to innovate, now offers you the opportunity to follow your training in a virtual classroom. A great opportunity to continue your studies and graduate from near or far!
Everything has been put in place to guarantee you the same level of quality, the same availability on the part of our trainers as well as the proximity (even virtual) that has forged the reputation of our educational institution.