College Training

College Multihexa offers two college programs that equips students with the latest and in-demand tech skills needed in landing a high opportunity occupation job in Canada such as information systems analysts and consultants, software engineers and designers, computer and information systems managers, and web designers and developers

According to British Columbia Labour Market Outlook: 2021 Edition, high opportunity occupations are jobs expected to have a high demand and have higher pay compared to other occupations.


Here are the 5 main advantages of choosing Multihexa


85% placement rate


Two possibilities of duration for our program, 21 months and 12 months.


Costs can be credited up to almost 83%. 12-month training eligible for the Practice program of the Government of Quebec


The college is located at the crossroads of the new economy in Saguenay


Small student to teacher ratio

Here’s our two AEC (Attestation d'études collégiales)/ ACS
(Attestation of Collegial Studies) programs!

Web and Mobile Programmer

A programmer is above all an expert in computer languages. He/She must master one or many languages along with their concepts (for example, the concept of inheritance in an object-oriented language). A knowledge of the sector in which the language will be used is an asset; it allows one to know better the clients’ expectations and their approach to a problem.

Network Manager

Our Network Manager course (ACS Network Manager) teaches and trains students the basics of maintaining computer networks with software updates, identifying the need for hardware upgrades, and providing technical support among colleagues, among others.

Omnivox is College Multihexa’s enrollment system. You can log in once you have acquired your student ID number. Please reach out to for questions or visit our Student Services section for a step-by-step guide.