Advanced Skills with Coding Level 2

Program type: Short Course
Step into the world of computer coding with this introductory course. Our students will be exposed to the basic principles of programming, tackling related subject matters like logic and algorithms.  In this course student take their previous skills learned and enhance them into the next level of coding. Student will enhance their skills even further in more in-depth knowledge with several coding languages, but they will learn another new skill of web design. Students will implement past and current skills be building a fully functions website with HTML/CSS and other coding languages.
Entry Requirements
Students must complete an intake with recruitment team.
  • Level 1
Delivery Methods:
Online| On-campus| Combined
Student Progression And Reporting
Student will be assessed by daily attendance, assignments, and completion of in class activities.

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  • Controlling Color and Typography
  • Designing with the Cascade
  • Designing Content Sections
  • Controlling Layout with Positioning
  • Enhancing an Existing Design
  • Using Programming Techniques
  • Implementing Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Using Custom Objects in JavaScript
  • Working with Arrays
  • Handling Cookies Using JavaScript
  • Validating Forms Using JavaScript
  • Programming Using DOM API
  • Using Ajax
  • Creating Applications with Ajax
  • Anatomy of Portable C++ Software
  • No Ducks Allowed – Types and Deduction
  • No Leaks Allowed – Exceptions and Resources
  • Separation of Concerns – Software Architecture, Functions, and Variadic Templates
  • The Philosophers’ Dinner – Threads and Concurrency
  • Streams and I/O
  • Everybody Falls, It’s How You Get Back Up – Testing and Debugging
  • Need for Speed – Performance and Optimization

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