Intro to C++

Program duration:  30 hours
Program type: Short Course
Learn basic C++ syntax, functions, containers, and compiling and linking with multiple files. Use OpenStreetMap and the 2D visualization library IO2D to build a route planner that displays a path between two points on a map.
Course Prerequisites
Previous coding experience.
Delivery Methods:
Online| On-campus| Combined
Student Progression And Reporting
Student will be assessed by daily attendance, assignments, and completion of in class activities.

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  • Build on your previous programming experience to learn the basics of the C++ language
  • Use vectors, loops, and I/O libraries to parse data from a file and print an ASCII board. You will use this board in the next lesson for a simplified route planning application
  • Learn about the A* search algorithm.
  • Use your A* search implementation to plan a path throughthe obstacles in the ASCII board. The program will also beable to print the solution to the screen with clean ASCIIformatting.
  • Learn the syntax for C++ language features
  • Complete an overview of header files, pointers, build tools,and classes

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