Introduction to Marketing

Program type: Short Course
This course introduces students to the role of marketing for independent companies and within business worldwide. The course emphasizes the market mix, known as the 4 P’s of marketing: product, price, place and promotion. Students will also explore current marketing issues and methods of assessing marketing efforts. Canadian and global concepts will be explored.
Course Prerequisites
Previous computer skills
Delivery Methods:
Online| On-campus| Combined
Student Progression And Reporting
Student will be assessed by daily attendance, assignments, and completion of in class activities.

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  • The meaning and importance of marketing from a historical
  • Marketing functions and marketing variables in the context of the corporation.
  • The environment within which marketing decisions must be made and executed; specifically, attention will be given to the competitive, regulatory, technological, social and economic environments.
  • 4 P’s of Marketing.
  • An introduction to the factors affecting the purchasing behaviour of consumers, both industrial and individual.
  • Internal and external influences on buyers.
  • The marketing planning process — attention will be given to information requirements and process for marketing analysis and decision-making.
  • The sequence of steps in making marketing decisions in the firm.
  • The methods of collecting and analyzing marketing information. Survey research, secondary data sourcing, observation and other techniques will be discussed.
  • Introduction to the similarities and differences between consumer and business marketing.
  • The marketing of services, non-profit and charitable organizations, and the differences between product and services marketing.
  • The basis and uses of market segmentation. Emphasis will be placed on geographic, demographic, psychographic and usage rate/benefit bases.
  • Definitions of what constitutes a product, product life cycles, and product classifications.
  • The particular issues related to new product development and marketing.
  • Marketing services & intangibles
  • The concept of price, pricing objectives and methods of price determination.
  • Introduction to break-even analysis as an example of the quantitative techniques used in price setting
  • Current trends in distribution.
  • The options and problems involved in the distribution of goods. Topics will include the role of wholesalers and retailers, and the functions within these types of organizations.
  • The importance of the promotional mix.
  • Advertising, sales promotion, publicity and personal selling strategies and tactics.
  • Applying digital marketing (modern society) to advertising, sales promotion, etc.
  • Social media and marketing strategy

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